powerline network adapter with poe output
7PE150 AV500 PoE(AT) Powerline Network Adapter

2nd of the three musketeers for PLC security monitoring
Solve the network transmission & power supply issue where (PoE)IPC is inconvenient to wire
Wider range of use / low power consumption circuit design
Standard PoE 802.3AT Standard 30W

》Standard 802.3 at 48v output(Power Supply)
》High Speed transmission, lower latency, farther distance
》Small and light for easy installation
》Could pair and work with PLC+DC/PLC isolator together

7HP200 AV500 Powerline Network Adapter+DC12V/2A-Designed for CCTV IPC

1st of the three musketeers for PLC security monitoring
Solve the network transmission & power supply issue where IPC is inconvenient to wire
Wider range of use / low power consumption circuit design

* Upgraded Version
* Plug & Play
* Security Monitoring
* Video signal transmission via PLC network

# DC12V 2A output, easy to install.
# High data rate , lower latency, stable as wired communication.
# Compact size, space saving.
# Could pair and work with PoE PLC/PLC isolator together.

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Security System Powerline Network Adapter

Our Security Powerline Network Solution enables Security IP systems to transmit network data/video communication over main cables, realize Ethernet over Power (EoP). It is a quick and lower cost solution to the challenges of creating new signal cables, applied in the Security Cameras(CCTV), Intercom, Access Control, Smart Elevator, gates, barriers, Voice Alarm Systems, fire alarm system etc.

For example, when cabling cost is high, when the application environment is too sophisticated to install new cabling, when you need to facilitate security system urgently in a short time… All these challenges can be perfectly solved by using ready-to-use powerline network adapter for security system.


We list a few typologies and connecting ways of some models as examples:

security powerline adapter connect in single group

If need short-distance transmission, just powering and connect one of our ethernet powerline adapter for CCTV 7HP200 to the display or NVR as a receiver, and plug the other 7HP200 into the power socket within the same power meter. They will pair automatically and run data/video communication over the mains instead of installing new signal cables.

Based on the 1 to 1 mode, can extend more nodes as below:

security network powerline adapter short distance connecting way

And If you need more equipment (more than the allowed nodes number) to meet your needs, then you can arrange in multiple groups.That is to add an Ethernet switch, and then use grouping software to create multiple different groups. The group names cannot be the same, such as A, B, C, D, E… 

7ZX150 powerline topology

That is, one of powerline filter 7ZX150 in group A is powered on and connected to the switch as a receiver, and the 7HP200 in group A are used as transmitters, which are connected to the same power line as the receiver. For the remaining groups, follow the same way. Different groups are not able to communicate between. 


Other Powerline Categories You Might Be Interested In

Powerline network adapter kit to build up home network and extend it by plug&play without extra configuration.

When you are considering to integrate powerline solution into your device and try to be more compact, powerline modem are able to fulfill your personalized requirement.

Or You May Need Private Label?

Customers are proposed to buy our existing model sample to  test. With order and all artworks finalized, we get into proceeding golden sample approval prior to formal production. (product logo printing, packaging, accessories and Firmware ect). Customers inspect the shipment before shipping out.

one logo

Test & Verify samples 

two logo

Housing & logo printing customized

three logo

UI customized

four logo

Package customized

five logo

Prototype sample confirmed

six logo

Produce & Ship

So Why 7inova?

One of The Only Few  –Highly niche market oriented with 10+ years of R&D and manufacture experience, 7inova is one of the only few power line communication module manufacturer in China who consistently delivers rich format, robust performance. 

Maximize Your Margin  –Unlike other peers’ high-rate offer, 7inova always bear company mission in mind: Create maximum value for our customers with products of the most possible affordable cost and reliable quality. We benefit from long-termism. 

Make Customization Easier  –7inova helps industrial customers with more flexible product features. Therefore, PLC modules can be customized to suit a particular application either electrically or mechanically. 

With power line carrier communication technology, the modules create secure and high speed data transfer. The data will be transmitted as Ethernet packets (TCP/IP tools) over the power line. The signal media can be AC/DC powerline, ethernet, coaxial and twisted pair interfaces, not limited by live or not. Therefore, it enables equipment manufacture to integrate the EoP(Ethernet over Power) technology into existing devices without no new signal cable. Means it connects your terminal devices to the network without any configuration.

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