PLC (Power Line Communication) Network Products

What We Do

We utilise our knowledge and expertise within powerline communication industry to serve our customer group with self-developed power line communication(PLC) products of high-competitive products, as well as odm/oem service.

The applications covers in residential, office, intelligent power grid management, mining, security monitor system, telecom, buildings, smart elevator, airports, new energy, automotive, itralogistics, intercom, fire, bulk material handling…

It’s value is shown where it is difficult or expensive to install new signal cables on a site or when security systems need to be provided in short timescales, and where power cables are already in place.

When you are considering to integrate powerline solution into your device and try to be more compact, powerline modem are able to fulfill your personalized requirement.


Powerline network adapter kit build up home network and extend it by plug&play without extra configuration.

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In-depth communication

Through in-depth communication with customer, know customer’s specific demands and application, define and confirm the complete specification.

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Selection & Development

Designing ID, Hardware, software according to agreed specification, deliver complete prototype for validation.

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Validate Prototype

Co-work with customer to validateprototype in their field application, address and solve the issues until fully validation.

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Final Mass Production

Assist customer do locally required certify, successfully mass produce and deliver to formal use.

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