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7M120 200Mbps 38*38mm
Powerline Module

Mini embedded module
Elevator/Access control/Survelliance video
PLC transmission
Support 8 Nodes
Support PLC filtering,lightning protection
Support fault self-recovery
300 Meters transmission distance(within the same meter)

AV500 Powerline Module With Bottom-Plated
Provide users with plug-and-play solder-free Powerline Modem

Apply in Underground Pipe Gallery,
Robot, Slide Rail Inspection.
Universal DC 5-24V Voltage
Power Supply.
14 nodes meet the needs of ordinary
households and businesses

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Power Line Communication Module

7inova developled various forms of HomePlug AV standards wired powerline modules, enables you to use existing wiring for data transmission in a vast range of applications.

Ideal for a range of scenarios–security surveillance, smart grid, building automation, robotics, video intercoms, underwater UAV, smart elevator, etc.


Let’s just list a few scenarios. If you are facing similar challenges, then 7inova Technology Power Line communication modules can be a good solution for your project.

Case 1. 

Are you looking for a reliable data transmission solution in Elevator diagnostic device? Or the video is always stuck, especially when the elevator goes up and down?

Case 2. 

You are a rov or underwater camera maker, you want to build a local network between control boards for network data transmission. Which way can be more stable and farther?

Case 3. 

Let’s say, you are a Pipeline inspection crawler equipment designer, need  to transmit the pipeline detection data detected by the remote robot to the near-end cable car. What you need is a simple system circuit with good stability, and beneficial to expand multiple detection equipment.


  DC3.3v embedded stamp design

–38*38mm and even smaller embedded design allows minimum board space to integrate into your terminal device.

        Ready-to-use models

–Bottom-plated with front-end ethernet ports; features by AC/DC12-24v work voltage, minimal effort to adapt for your project, speed up your time-to-market.

       High Degree Compatible

–PLC Modules Designed with the main-stream powerline communication standards, compliant with IEEE1901, Ethernet 802.3, highly compatible within the network.

View Our market-proven modules. Ready sample price starting from US$16.99/unit are avilable for verify,immediate shipping in only 1 day. Click Enquire Now, message us for specific datasheet and test sample. 


Other Powerline Categories You Might Be Interested In

Powerline network adapter kit to build up home network and extend it by plug&play without extra configuration.

Or You May Need A Customization?

Customize For Your Project With Got Quality Assured–7inova has an experienced R&D team as a backbone, support the whole loop from powerline communication module customization to final mass production finish.

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In-depth communication

Through in-depth communication with customer, know customer’s specific demands and application, define and confirm the complete specification.

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Selection & Development

Designing ID, Hardware, software according to agreed specification, deliver complete prototype for validation.

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Validate Prototype

Co-work with customer to validateprototype in their field application, address and solve the issues until fully validation.

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Final Mass Production

Assist customer do locally required certify, successfully mass produce and deliver to formal use.

So Why 7inova?

One of The Only Few  –Highly niche market oriented with 10+ years of R&D and manufacture experience, 7inova is one of the only few power line communication module manufacturer in China who consistently delivers rich format, robust performance. 

Maximize Your Margin  –Unlike other peers’ high-rate offer, 7inova always bear company mission in mind: Create maximum value for our customers with products of the most possible affordable cost and reliable quality. We benefit from long-termism. 

Make Customization Easier  –7inova helps industrial customers with more flexible product features. Therefore, PLC modules can be customized to suit a particular application either electrically or mechanically. 

With power line carrier communication technology, the modules create secure and high speed data transfer. The data will be transmitted as Ethernet packets (TCP/IP tools) over the power line. The signal media can be AC/DC powerline, ethernet, coaxial and twisted pair interfaces, not limited by live or not. Therefore, it enables equipment manufacture to integrate the EoP(Ethernet over Power) technology into existing devices without no new signal cable. Means it connects your terminal devices to the network without any configuration.

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