Ethernet adapters can be handy in residential and professional settings

With increased dependability on systems and networks, it is almost impossible to work without a fast home network. It is growing in importance every day and even though wifi is one of the most popular ways to obtain this, it too can sometimes fail. If you are looking for something that solves the transmission problem that cannot be reached by wireless, network cable, or other methods, a powerline ethernet adapter is an answer.

It is a quick and easy way to instantly build and extend network in your home. All you have to do is add the adapters in the places where you would like to access internet and you are all set. 7inova offers a wide range of powerline modules, ready-to-use devices, and home-use powerline adapters that you can choose from. These products can be used to gain access to a stable network that reaches all areas you want it to.

powerline works stable as wired device

In many cases, Wi-Fi can often leave you with unreliable coverage no matter how fast its speed is. This is the problem that a powerline adapter can quickly solve. You can also choose to place ethernet cable drops in each room. A powerline adapter gives you easy access to use your home’s electrical wires to spread out your network. If there is a spot that the wifi doesn’t reach, adding an adapter will bypass any interference that is present and drastically improve the signal.

In some cases, it can also help you create a network that is much faster than Wi-Fi. While Ethernet cables offer much faster and more reliable networks, they often end up looking too shabby because of the multiple wires you would have to deal with. This is where a powerline ethernet adapter can prove to be useful. Ethernet adapters are currently revolutionizing the way you network.

They are a more flexible network option that is designed to extend coverage, cover all possible spots, and have a lot more features to explore. If you are on the lookout for ethernet adapters, modules, or any other product with broadband PLC technology, always remember to purchase it from a reliable powerline module manufacturer like 7inova.

7inova offers high-quality, cost-effective products for wired IoT and home DIY market

We focus on solving network transmission problems in specific application environments by making use of broadband PLC technologies. Our adapters are a consumer-friendly solution to increase internet speed and coverage. With 10 years+ accumulation, 7inova possesses expertise powerline product experience, built and expanded a rich powerline carrier communication (PLC) product line for niche market. We aim to provide users with smart network products that help them seamlessly get connected. You will never have to compromise with unreliable networks and devices or go through the hassles of fitting too many wires in your home when you choose an ethernet adapter. Know more about 7inova.

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