The Most Simple Way to Live Doorbells

Doorbells Development: 

From the initial music electronic doorbell, to intercom access control, password access control, and then video surveillance access control, with the rapid development of such as the Internet and AI new technologies in recent years, the application of access control is also rapidly updating: With the continuous improvement, QR code access control, face recognition, fingerprint and other bio metrics continue to emerge, smart access control systems application is also more extensive.

There are also many public areas such as factories and parking lots, important telecom base stations, and intelligent motor control. Intelligent access control system is applying to different fields.

Network Pains:

Intelligent access control system is inseparable from network support, at least between indoor unit and outdoor unit request network connection. Well, traditional network connection mainly relies on network cable transmission, such as CAT5E / CAT6 network cable, wireless WI-FI transmission, Bluetooth transmission, etc.

Extensive market demand rises to a large number of users’ needs for the renewal and transformation of access control systems. However, the replacement of access control systems faces a big problem, that is, except newly developed buildings, the old buildings or other application scenarios, access control almost haven’t the conditions for network wiring.

That means if you use wireless or Bluetooth access control to transmit signals, in case the distance between the outdoor and the indoor unit is a little far away, or there is a partition wall, the signal will be greatly attenuated. If use the wiring network cable, will cause increased cost of the network cable, as well as the construction cost.

Power line Communication (PLC) PROS:

At this time, Powerline communication (PLC) technology is a high-quality option for upgrading and replacing access control. The low-cost 200Mbps PHY Rate PLC solution can fully meet the network support in common scenarios.

When under normal power line environment, the Home plug AV transmission distance is 300 meters, the coverage area is 5000 square feet, PLC Peak Throughput of UDP is 90Mbps, TCP is 70Mbps, of PLC nodes Total nodes is 8 pcs, Simultaneous active is 4 pcs, with 4 simultaneous active One node can fully satisfy the transmission of three high-definition 4K images.

typical topology diagram of access control application

The biggest feature of using Powerline communication (PLC) products is that there is no need to rewire the original access control system. The rewiring will damage the wall, if it is with open wires, it will be very unsightly and require drilling and threading across the wall. Using PLC products, there is no such problem.

You can easily use the power lines in the original early doorbell or intercom system for network signal transmission. Compared with wireless WI-FI and Bluetooth, PLC transmission can easily transmit through walls, and the signal Relatively more stable.

Suitable Powerline (Homeplug AV )modules: 7TM120/7LP120

7TM120 is a 200 Mbps PHY Rate powerline communication (Homeplug AV) module, featuring high integration, small size, stable operation and reliable performance. The standard size is 38×36.4x15mm (LxWxH), one end can be embedded into the indoor unit of access control, the other end can be embedded into the outdoor unit, and can even be directly embedded into the outdoor camera. The working voltage is DC12V, which is very convenient to take power.

7TM120 dc12v in powerline module

7LP120 is a powerline communication module device more suitable for retrofitting old access control. It has an ultra-thin design with a thickness of up to 8mm. (In the case of the limited volume of the original access control), the ultra-thin and pin design has a thickness of up to 8mm. 8mm, suitable for PCB embedding in the small space of the original access control .

dc powerline module embed in intercom board

In addition, 7LP120 supports PLC filtering, overcurrent and lightning protection, and customers can choose freely. 7LP120 also supports fault self-recovery function, which improves the reliability of product operation.

7LP120 powerline module ultra thin


Of course, the use of Powerline communication (PLC) products in the access control system also have some restrictions and requirements, mainly related to its technical characteristics. Because PLC uses high-frequency signals to transmit data, part of the frequency of switching power supply and PLC signal transmission frequency part overlap, so switching power supply,  voltage regulator and other electrical appliances may affect the transmission of signals. In addition, electrical appliances in the grid / Too many devices/long distance between modules/   old quality wires, the non-standard overlapping of power lines, etc., will affect the signal transmission.

Therefore, before purchasing and installing, you can communicate with the supplier about the use requirements. According to different specific needs, manufacturers choose models reasonably to meet the needs of users to the greatest extent.

The Most Simple Way To Access Internet without Cabling

A Powerline Ethernet Adapter allows you to extend your home network’s reach and connectivity using your existing electrical wiring. It works by sending data signals over the electrical wiring in your home, which can then be received by another Powerline adapter, which is connected to another device or network.

The adapter typically consists of two components: a sender and a receiver. Connect the sender to your router, and connect the receiver to the device, which you want to connect to your network. They communicate with each other through the electrical wiring in your home.

Powerline Ethernet Adapters are a good solution if you need to extend your network range but don’t want to run new cables or rely on Wi-Fi signal strength. They are also useful for connecting devices that are located far from your router, such as gaming consoles, streaming devices, or smart TVs. it’s important to choose a quality adapter from a powerline carrier communication manufacturer who can handle the demands of your network and test it in your specific home environment to ensure satisfactory performance.


Power line adapters can provide fast speeds for data transmission, with some adapters offering speeds of up to 2 Gbps. This makes them suitable for streaming high-quality videos or playing online games without any lag.

Cost-effective:fers More Secure Connection:

Powerline adapters are a cost-effective way to extend your network, as they don’t require any additional wiring or equipment.


Powerline adapters are generally more secure than Wi-Fi, as they use your home’s electrical wiring to transmit data, which is harder to intercept compared to Wi-Fi signals.


Powerline adapters can be used to connect a wide range of devices, including computers, gaming consoles, smart TVs, and streaming devices.

7inova is among the best Powerline Ethernet Adapter companies

Overall, Powerline Ethernet Adapters offer a convenient and reliable way to extend your home network, providing fast and secure connectivity to your devices, without the need for additional wiring or equipment. Another area of development has been the integration of additional features, such as Wi-Fi extenders and multiple Ethernet ports. This allows users to connect multiple devices to the adapter, extend their wireless coverage.

Look for a company that offers good customer support, including technical assistance if you have any issues with the product. Powerline Ethernet adapters are a great solution for extending your network’s reach in areas, where traditional wired or wireless networking is difficult or impossible. These adapters use your home or office’s existing electrical wiring to create a wired network connection. 7inova self-developed a wide range of easily mounted powerline communication modules, ready-to-use ethernet powerline adapters for innovative wired IoT and home DIY markets.

Benefits of Ethernet Powerline Technology

Ethernet Powerline technology is a highly efficient way to get internet connection minus the cost. In fact, it provides a wide range of benefits in networking. Compared to conventional Wi-Fi networks, the benefits of ethernet powerline technology covers from easy to install, stable and secure etc.

One of the key components of powerline ethernet system is that it can work with your exiting system. The best ethernet powerline adapter factory will help you create the most efficient networking system at your premises.

Find out the benefits of ethernet powerline technology, which can make things easier at home or office.

ethernet powerline adapter work in home

Fast Speed

Ethernet Powerline offers speed up to gigabit, is excellent for people who like streaming videos, playing online games like in 4K and more such thing. With the right power line carrier communication manufacturers, you can easily find the right solution matching your needs.

Offers More Secure Connection

In many ways, it offers a more secure connection than Wi-Fi as it uses a wired connection. Wired connections are more secure and may prevent sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Easy to Install

They are easy to install since it does not require any additional hardware or cables. All needed is the powerline adapter, which connects to the router and plugs into the wall. With the right kind of ethernet powerline adapter factory or company, you can get the network set-up done.

It Covers Large Area

In terms of its reach too, ethernet powerline technology is ahead of the conventional Wi-Fi system. For instance, the Ethernet Powerline can travel through walls and other obstacles. This helps provide a larger coverage area than Wi-Fi networks. Which is why, it is beneficial for large homes or buildings.

It is Highly Cost Effective

One of the thing that make ethernet powerline better is that it doesn’t require extra hardware or cables. You can use your existing wiring system to create ethernet networking, which can save money in the long run. In addition, does not require access to the power grid, making it a cost-saving option. Look for a reliable ethernet powerline adapter factory to get the best solution delivered to you.


With all the above perks, it is safe to determine that ethernet powerline is a highly reliable option. It can easily power devices without access to the power grid. This is beneficial for hard-to-reach areas, such as basements or attics. Find the best power line carrier communication manufacturers to get the best ethernet system installation in your premises.

The Bottom Line

Ethernet communication is a much better option for homes and commercial spaces for a variety of reasons. By choosing it over conventional Wi-Fi system can benefit you in more ways that one. It saves cost, time and doesn’t require extra installation components. All you need is ethernet powerline adapter and you can easily get a much faster connection.

Why Choose Us As Your Ethernet Powerline Adapter Exporter

Powerline communication technology enables data transmission over electrical power lines, allowing for a convenient and cost-effective solution for home and building networking. 7inova can help you integrate powerline communication technology into existing homes or build networking infrastructure, providing a reliable and efficient solution for data transmission.

Powerline communication technology uses the existing electrical wiring infrastructure to transmit data, enabling data transmission in areas where wireless signals or network cables cannot reach. ODM powerline modules are custom-designed powerline communication modules that are developed and manufactured by 7inova for use in a wide range of applications.

We offer high-quality powerline technologies

ODM powerline modules are designed to meet specific customer requirements and can include features such as different data rates, advanced security protocols, and compatibility with different network technologies. 7inova can offer ODM powerline modules to customers who require a customized powerline communication solution for their specific application.

Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a supplier:


Ensure that the adapter is compatible with your existing network infrastructure and devices. Check the specifications of the adapters and compare them with your network requirements.


Consider the speed of the adapter, which should match or exceed the speed of your internet service. Look for adapters that offer high-speed connectivity.


Choose a supplier that provides reliable and stable adapters. Read customer reviews and ratings to check for the reliability and durability of the adapter.


Compare prices among different suppliers to find the most competitive price. However, keep in mind that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the best quality product.


Look for a supplier that provides excellent customer support. Check for the availability of technical support, warranty, and return policies.


Ensure that the adapter provides secure connectivity to your network. Look for adapters that support encryption protocols such as WPA2, AES, or TKIP.


Consider the brand reputation of the supplier. Choose a well-known and established brand to ensure you get a high-quality product.

7inova is your trustworthy customization partner

Overall, it’s essential to research and compares different Ethernet Powerline Adapter exporters to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. 7inova offers high-quality and reliable products that meet industry standards and customer needs. We offer a wide range of Ethernet Powerline Adapters to suit different network requirements, including adapters with different speeds, features, and compatibility options. We are committed to providing competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the product or customer service.

Powerline Communication Solution Provider


PLC, or power line communication, is a method of transmitting data over a power line. PLC is an essential component of the smart grid because it can be used to implement bidirectional communications over existing power distribution networks.

PLC, or power line communication, is a method of communication that employs electrical currents as a transmission medium. Building a system using power lines as the communication network can be done rapidly and cheaply.

This is why PLC is used for communications in the various energy management systems that make up a smart society, such as smart meters (advanced metering infrastructure – AMI), HEMS, BEMS, and solar panel monitoring systems. Electrical current, either alternating or direct, can carry information in a network.

Fire and security alarms, smart lighting, building energy management systems, and solar farms can all benefit from the lower wiring costs made possible by the Powerline Communication solution providers by transmitting data over existing AC and DC power lines.

powerline application

Types of Power Line Communications:

  • Narrowband PLC: Narrowband programmable logic controllers (PLCs) operate at frequencies between 3 and 500 kilohertz. The distance they can travel is several kilometers, but the data rate is very slow. The Smart Grid depends on them.
  • Broadband PLC: Broadband PLCs operate at speeds of over 100 Mbps and frequency ranges of 2–250 MHz. They are employed at close quarters. You can use them to automate your house.

Applications of Power Lines:

  1. Home Networking (LAN): LAN connections in the home can be made using the building’s existing electrical wiring rather than installing new cables. An Ethernet port is required for the devices to communicate. When a power line adapter is plugged into a wall outlet, it creates an ethernet connection.
  2. Broadband over power lines (BPL): It uses the alternating current (AC) electrical distribution wiring between transformers to send and receive signals in both directions, and the alternating current (AC) low voltage wiring between transformers and customer outlets to transmit signals in both directions.
  3. In-vehicle network communication: In cars, digital signals travel along the battery cables, which carry direct current.

Applications for Power Line Communication Solutions:

    Smart meter (AMI)

    Smart home and HEMS

    HVAC and lighting control

    Building automation

    EV charging station

    Solar power and smart grid

    PLC Evaluation Tools

    It is important to evaluate the state of communications when using power lines because of potential interference from noise and line impedance.

    Technical Standards

    It is anticipated that the complexity and scale of PLC networks will increase with the proliferation of smart meters and other smart devices. Several international groups are working to ensure compatibility between these various networks by standardising and developing profiles for communication protocols.

    How does power line communication work?

    Technology called “Power Line Communication” (PLC) allows for data transmission through the electrical power lines themselves. This means that it is possible to provide power and half-duplex control/data retrieval to an electronic device (for example) using only the power cables.

    Where is power line communication used?

    In power line communications (PLCs), data is transmitted over standard, low-voltage power lines. Some utilities have already begun using PLC for remote metering and load control. Since the power lines already extend to the meter, it is easily incorporated into the smart metering system.

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    Elevator Monitoring Pains VS Powerline Communication Solution

    Elevator Monitoring Pains:

    The installation difficulty of the elevator video monitoring for the engineers is mainly due to the difficulty in wiring. Although the wireless bridge scheme commonly used in the market has solved the cabling problem, while the signal is unstable, it is easy to drop wires and lose packets. The effect is not ideal.

    Powerline Transmission Solution:

    Working principle: Use the original line of the elevator to load the network (TCP/IP protocol) video or other network signals of the terminal equipment such as the camera/digital screen in the car to 7HP200 or 7ZX150, after modulation, through OFDM carrier technology , use the video line of the elevator travelling cables to transmit the signal to another 7ZX150 on the platform on the elevator shaft, and then transmit the video and other signals to the host computer in the monitoring room after modulation and demodulation.

    Since 7ZX150 has the function of filtering and anti-interference, it can perfectly solve various strong electromagnetic interference and noises on signal transmission caused by heavy-duty variable-frequency motors from the shaft to the car, strong current switch surges, and high-frequency signal generators during the operation of the elevator. interference to achieve stable signal transmission.

    Installation method: Install a 7ZX150 on the platform of the elevator shaft. In the middle, use the elevator travelling cables to find the video cable, install a 7HP200 or 7ZX150 in the car, and connect it with the network camera to achieve the purpose of stably transmitting network video and other signals.

    how 7inoa powerline work in elevator


    Stable operation and easy installation;

    Multi purpose: 

    This scheme is not only used for video monitoring, but also for transmission of any data, such as elevator status monitoring/diagnosis, video intercom, equipment signal transmission, etc.

    Email id for contact:

    Phone no.: 86-755-21003184/ 86-13590114024

    7inova powerline module 2

    Enhance internet connectivity with our powerline adapters

    Powerline adapters by 7inova can be utilized to reinforce a current network and can also be a great fix for extending wifi connections beyond their normal range. Slow Wi-Fi is something everyone struggles with, it can likewise cost time, and above all, cash. Because of the products created by power line carrier communication manufacturers like 7inova, organizations can ensure that sluggish networks are something they no longer have to deal with, giving them something less to stress over in their everyday tasks.

    Utilizing two adapters that are an important part of the system, powerline networking ties to a modem in the workplace or home, which is joined to an electrical network. Once associated with the web through the switch, the network is then communicated across electrical wiring to the expected gadget, which is generally a HomePlug. The fundamental reason why powerline networking is valuable is that it is exceptionally easy to install, particularly when you have an OEM HomePlug AV module by 7inova.

    7inova Homeplug AV module

    Powerline adaptors are widely used in all kinds of settings

    One device at home would be a TV which can be linked to the internet. Any device and network can be easily connected. The last thing that anybody should do is install extended wires between the television and the switch, thus a basic set of connectors will ensure that you can start streaming web-based content effortlessly. One more advantage of this for both home and office use is that Wi-Fi doesn’t generally offer full inclusion on location.

    If there are dull spots in the workplace and you want to amp up your connectivity, you can easily do that with powerline adapters. A Powerline connector is a gadget that utilizes your space’s electric wiring to send corresponding signals. The connectors which will be a minimum of two will plug into your wall and use Ethernet links to interface with your switch toward one side and your gadget toward the other.

    This gives an actual connection between your gadget and switches instead of the remote network given by your Wi-Fi. Powerline is currently a very popular innovation. Powerline utilizes your home’s electrical links so there is no necessity to introduce any extra links. As the establishment of Ethernet links can be tedious and possibly costly, utilizing Powerline could set aside your time and cash.

    Extend your network with Powerline Carrier Technology

    This system bests everything concerning the unwavering quality of networking and speed, so if you have the choice to introduce a powerline, make it happen! Powerline Wi-Fi range extenders are an extraordinary method for expanding your Wi-Fi reach, particularly to regions that are dark spots in your space. A Powerline adapter is a superior way to extend your network and experience faster speeds.

    Powerline adaptors hold no limitations; they can be moved around and utilized on various gadgets without any issues. When connected they will just require a couple of moments to reconnect. 7inova are leading power line carrier communication manufacturer that continuously solves network transmission problems in specific application environments by making use of broadband PLC technologies. We self-developed a wide range of easy-mounted broadband PLC modules and ready-to-use adapter devices for innovative wired IoT and home DIY markets.

    Email id for contact:

    Phone no.: 86-755-21003184/ 86-13590114024

    Power line transmitter solves IPC image processing

    We think every good product is worth redoing! Hence this year we spent much time optimizing one of our Security Three Swordsmen: 7HP200.

    Do you know powerline is a very good solution for Safety, IP intercom, elevator communication? And you can’t miss below:

    PLC+DC 12V/2A( Power Supply) Network Transmitter– Special Design for IPC *upgraded version  *plug&play    *Security Monitoring,video signal transmission via PLC network


    #DC12V 2A (power supply) output

    #AV500 powerline high data rate , lower latency

    #5*9.5cm compact size, space saving

    #Pair and work with PoE PLC/PLC isolator together


    1. No extra cabling, save labor and time for your project.

    2. Work plug&play; No need to do any setup.

    3. Up to 300meters transmit distance, as stable as wired communication.

    4. 0 packet loss, more econonmical, thoroughly defeat wireless bridge solution.

    7inova poweline adapter kit

    7inova: An Ethernet Powerline Adapter Factory that meets your requirements.

    A reliable powerline adapter created by a trusted Ethernet Powerline Adapter Factory like 7inova is a great option in contrast to running in-wall Ethernet links or depending on unreliable WiFi. A powerline adapter can transmit data over your devices and networks very much like it would over Ethernet links.

    Any equipment and set up like a home theater or other gadgets can seamlessly interface with a powerline adaptor utilizing an ethernet link, over your home’s electrical or to a second powerline adapter connected to another area.

    It is associated with your switch utilizing an Ethernet link. Interfacing your streaming gadgets and switching to powerline adaptors is practically similar to connecting them utilizing ethernet links. With the expanded number and utilization of gadgets that can interface and move digital media across devices in a home or office, utilizing a customary wired Ethernet network to get to data and documents all through the space can be full of hassles.

    Powerline adaptors can be beneficial to use in many ways

    In cases like this, powerline adaptors can be the perfect answer as long as you are aware of their benefits and restrictions as well as the added security it provides. Wi-Fi is very helpful, but it unquestionably has its deficiencies. Even though powerline adaptors have so many features, they also offer unwavering quality that wireless technology still can’t compare with. Powerline adaptors work depending upon the electrical wiring in your home.

    A powerline adaptor can send information over your current electrical wiring very much as it would over Ethernet links – all you want is an electrical plug. It is not difficult to set up a powerline adapter by 7inova, Ethernet links, and no less than two powerline adapters (PLC). One of the adapter must be connected to the electrical plug closest to your router and interface with it utilizing an Ethernet link.

    Utilize different adaptors for every gadget you need to connect. The main component that you must consider while buying a powerline connector is its speed. Powerline adaptors are prone to less data loss and stable transmission over normal Wi-Fi. Powerline adaptors use your home’s electrical wiring to move data.

    7inova Technology product

    Powerline units can additionally be password secured, adding a layer of protection. Powerline units are great for enormous spaces with numerous floors. Many would select Wi-Fi extenders at this point, but powerline adaptors can provide a better network through thick floors and walls. Much of the time, powerline connectors offer a speed identical to that of Ethernet links, so it’s more dependable than WiFi. Furthermore, powerline adaptors are turning out to be increasingly cost-efficient, so they’re a superb choice for individuals who want to experience the advantages of a wired network without managing links. 7inova offers ODM powerline modules, ready-to-use devices, and home-use powerline adaptors.

    Do you know- How to make the most from the power line?

    I recently wechat in a group, one friend is curious about my power line module image, asked what it is and what is it for. I explained: It is a kind of embedded module, make use of power line carrier communication technology, realize network transmission for such as underwater drone, intercom, security camera ect.

    Friend still didn’t quite understand what it is and what it is for. I recognized that powerline carrier technology is still not introduced to most  common people. How to make them easily understand why need to use powerline?

    Simply put, power line carrier solution is an optional network transmission way where wireless or ethernet cable, fiber are not suitable to use.

    For example, underwater drone, underwater camera, they need to do image transmission, but it is not convenient to use cables or wireless under water, right? In this case, powerline is a very ideal choice.

    Unlike powerline adapters in home, which are plugged into mains directly, the module form powerline modules are designed to embed into main device, they work under power supply of AC/DC Voltage from main device (Tether board, elevator control board, camera ect) , pair and work plug and play, transfer network signal over the AC/DC power line.

    It will be better If I could send some pictures for illustration later. Anyway, For engineers, he will understand the work way better than me. : )