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Powerline Communication Solution Provider --Ethernet Over Power (EoP)

7inova Technology has been rooting in powerline communication module&adapter(Homeplug AV) R&D/ODM for 10 years+, serve business and industry customers.

Powerline Communication (PLC) technologies were originally targeted at providing broadband network service inside home over AC power lines. Without complex wiring, it let you implement a network without complicated and expensive LAN cabling, also called Ethernet over Power Technology (EoP).

Now, with fast growth of IoT, broadband PLC technology is extended to transmit via other media like phone lines, coax cables, DC power lines or even plastic optical fibers for long range wired connectivity. 

Powerline Communication Transmission Support Various Medias:

*AC or DC Power Line (EoP)                       300meters transmission distance       

*Twisted pair or phone line (EoT)              600meters transmission distance

*Coaxial cable (EoC)                                   2000meters transmission distance

Power Line Communication Apply In IoT

BPLC is widely applied in various IoT scenarios: Home/Company, smart elevators, intelligent power grid management, Energy, Rov, Airport/Railways, Gas stations, EV chargers, residential/hospitality internet services, Security Surveillance system, underground mines, port and bulk material handling.

various IoT scenarios

When Is Powerline Comunicatoin The Best solution?

Powerline Carrier Communication is a very ideal alternative solution for network connection and transmission problems in scenarios where such as wireless and PoE cannot be covered.

What Does 7inova Work On?

7inova has been focusing on doing one thing since 2011: Research and develop powerline network adapters and modules based on Homeplug AV standard.

7inova self-developed a wide range of easy mounted poweline communication modules and ready-to-use ethernet powerline adapters for innovative wired IoT and home DIY market.

7inova team insist on long terms improving and expanding production expertise, selection, quality, safety & compliance and supply chain.

powerline for iot
powerline application

Expertised, So Be Recommended

Past and now, based on powerline technology, 7inova built up and expanded a complete product line for niche market, ranges from IoT industrial to home DIY markets, serve to domestic and overseas B2B business. 

Now we are a key player with technical and cost advantage in this product line, and also the powerline product supplier recommended by chip agent.

In the future,7inova will keep Homeplug AV-oriented and take a diversified development path, providing powerline communication devices for domestic&overseas device manufacturers, brand owners, as well as wholesalers and retailers.


Your Trustworthy Customization Partner

From design, engineering, validate and launch, 7inova provides one-stop customization tailored to your requirement. 

And, in doing so, to provide an unmatched customer experience. 

Our singular vision is Create maximum value for our customers with products of the most possible affordable cost and uncompromising quality.

Trustworthy Customization

Discover 7inova Homeplug For Your Project

We do our very best efforts with using robust technologies to deliver our customers the high quality product that works great and easily.

Build & Design
Powerline Communication Module

Our robust and secure power line communication modules work with Ethernet, Coaxial and Twisted pair, apply in elevator, intercom, rov, pipeline robot, ip camera ect. Provide safe and high speed data transfer.

DC AV1200 Powerline Module
Build & Design
Home Use Powerline Adapter

Our home use powerline network adapter work out of box, suitable for home DIY network building and extending.

QCA7550 qualcomm passthrough ethernet powerline adapter
Build & Design
Security Powerline Adapter

Our powerline ethernet adapters for security system allow security IP networks to run over mains cables, facilitate communications of IP security systems including Intercom, Access Control, IP Camera, Elevator Monitoring ect.

IP camera Video Ethernet Coaxial Transmitter 2
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